PPOL postgraduate programs orientation day

Orientation Day

The PPOL postgraduate programs orientation day was held on August 27, 2022. Incoming students in the MPP, MPM, and MPhil/Ph.D. programs received warm greetings from PPOL faculty members and learned more course details for their new start at HKUST. 

Two guest speakers, Mr. Oscar Yam-Shu KWOK, the Head of the Civil Service College of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and Prof. Heiwai TANG, the Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics at the University of Hong Kong, were invited to share invaluable insights into Hong Kong's existing policy challenges and the new approach needed to build a better Hong Kong. 

Mr. Yam-Shu Kwok, the Head of the Civil Service College of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, narrated Singapore's experience to demonstrate that social engineering implemented by an active government does not undermine family and social responsibilities; instead, optimal social policies, e.g., in housing and education, support people and encourage them to bear more social responsibilities and contribute to racial and religious harmony. He also emphasized the importance of a far-sighted vision and persuasive communication skills in leadership. Finally, he indicated that security, prosperity, and stability are the fundamental objectives of every society irrespective of governance systems or philosophies because these are the foundations of the social contract.


Incoming PPOL students, faculty members, and guest speakers arrived at HKUST for orientation day.

Mr. Oscar Yam-Shu KWOK shared insights into policy governance in Hong Kong.

Students and teachers spent time together during the MPM Welcoming Dinner.

Prof. Naubahar SHARIF gave a speech at the MPP Welcoming Lunch.

Orientation Day