MPM Admission Scholarship 2022-23


The MPM is receiving its second cohort of students. We are glad to see many of the applications received are with outstanding backgrounds, be it academic and/or work experiences. To continue to recognize them, the PPOL Postgraduate Committee has evaluated the profiles of the applicants, including their academic performance and awards received during their undergraduate studies, their working experiences, their extra-curricular activities, the comments from their referees, their personal drive and attitude, their performance during the interview, their career potential, and potential to bring in diversity to the program, etc. and have awarded 6 students the MPM Admission Scholarship 2022-23. Congratulations to all of them!


Chan, Hoi Yan Janice

Facing a complex, rapidly changing and disruptive world, it is crucial for civil servants to acquire the ability to embrace changes. Pursuing the MPM at HKUST is an extraordinary experience. Eminent professors at HKUST have provided me valuable insights into the importance of making analytical judgment when executing policies and developed my managerial capabilities and skills to handle crisis management from both local and global perspectives. This program also allows me to meet and learn from people with various academic backgrounds and professions, which brings network and inspiration.


Chan, Hoi Yi

I am particularly attracted to UST’s MPM program because the objective of the program perfectly matches my career goal. The program is designed to prepare the students for senior management roles in organizations that deliver public services, while aims to equip them with the skills, knowledge and habits of mind to deal with the fast changing and contested environments that governments face.


Deng, Lixia

China's tech industry has been suffering compounded regulatory challenges, which motivates me to pursue MPM at HKUST. With a well-diversified cohort and interdisciplinary curriculum structure, the MPM enables students to learn from each other and develop a more comprehensive understanding of their previous working field. The theories and cases studied in class provide the essential toolkit for students' future career development, whether in the public or private sector.


Lo, Tim Man Him

As a team leader in a NGO, I see that organizational and social problems are becoming increasingly complex. The need for innovative public policy and effective leadership has never been more important in dealing with issues within NGO and managing NGOs' expectation in the society. MPM is a program that emphasizes in innovative policy and capacity building. By studying with the MPM program, I become more effective in analyzing the socio-economic challenges and formulating effective policies to help strengthen my organization's position in society.


Sheng, Zexia

In the more and more complex, unpredictable, and unstable world, we often need a pause from busy work to enrich ourselves and find new directions. MPM is an excellent choice for those with work experiences. It’s also a good opportunity for working adults to improve their management ability through the training of analytical skills, operational competence and political acumen.


Wong Koby Lok Yin

I believe pursuing MPM at HKUST can help me further develop my leadership and managerial capabilities, which are crucial for successful careers in every sector. Unlike traditional MPA, MPM leverages the strengths at HKUST and provides very insightful courses related to sustainability and technology advances, which I regard as essential for us to keep pace with the fast-moving era of information and technology.