The Division of Public Policy organized the Teaching Day (2022-23) to develop best pedagogy practices

Teaching Day

The Division of Public Policy organized the PPOL Teaching Day (2022-23) on 30 August 2022. The teaching day aimed to establish a more consistent approach to teaching and assessment across PPOL courses and develop best pedagogy practices.

In the pre-session discussion, Prof. Kira MATUS presented an up-to-date overview of the MPP, MPM, MPhil, and PhD programs. She then outlined the division’s plan for teaching, e.g., teaching modes, as well as coordination between teachers, improved logistics, and better quality assurance, in the coming academic year. She also invited teachers to share their opinions on improving teaching quality.

In the first session, Dr. Sean MCMINN, Director of the Centre for Education Innovation (CEI), offered an in-depth analysis of the experience and perceptions of MPP and MPM students as learners based on feedback from student surveys. He highlighted the importance of interaction between students and teachers, strengthening students’ pre-requisite knowledge, opportunities for real-world practice, networking, and related challenges involved in these teaching objectives.

In the second session, Dr. MCMINN illustrated the concrete measures that must be adopted to accomplish these objectives, such as enhancing students’ motivation, increasing the engagement of professors and teaching faculty, evaluating and improving students’ prior knowledge, adopting the goal-directed practice approach, and adjusting teaching strategies according to the current social, emotional, and intellectual climate. Then, led by Dr. MCMINN, faculty members were divided into groups and shared their good practices in assessment design, active learning environment development, and teaching modes. 

The PPOL Teaching Day has been held annually since 2021.


Professor Kira MATUS led the pre-session discussion.


Dr. Sean MCMINN shared best pedagogy practices.

Faculty members engaged in group discussions about assessment design, the active learning environment, and modes of teaching.


Teaching Day