PPOL RPG Graduate Awarded for the First Prize of the IPO Best Research Award 2021-22 (MPhil category)


Ms Veronica Qin Ting LI, our graduate of MPhil in Public Policy in 2021, received the first prize of the IPO Best Research Award 2021-22 (MPhil category).


Veronica Li's thesis is concerned with effective data tools for crises, such as Covid-19. Focusing on the role of citizens in developing such data tools, Veronica asks what would affect the public use and acceptability of data tools for COVID-19 advice (in Hong Kong). Through her research, Veronica finds that citizens are more accepting of data tools with high perceived accuracy, secure privacy protections, and pleasing designs. Veronica's findings point to the need for governments to engage in collaboration with citizen groups and research institutions in order to improve citizen engagement mechanisms in creating data tools. Such engagement would lead to better policy-making through increased public trust."


Ms Li was also the awardee of The Joseph Needham Merit Scholarship in 2021 and pursue her doctoral study at the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy of University College London.


About IPO Best Research Award

The IPO Best Research Award was established in 2011 with the support of the Provost’s Office to recognize outstanding achievements by research postgraduate students who made the most original and influential research achievements outcome from their study that has been carried out mainly at HKUST. The key objective of the Best Research Award is to foster the overall quality of research education at the University. The Award has two categories – the PhD and the MPhil category.