MPM Admission Scholarship 2021-22


The MPM was newly launched in 2021. Many of the applications received are with outstanding background. Our MPM students combine strong academic records with diverse and interesting work experiences. To recognize their outstanding background, we have established the MPM Admission Scholarship. The PPOL Postgraduate Committee will evaluate the profiles of the applicants, including their academic performance and awards received during their undergraduate studies, their working experiences, their extra-curricular activities, the comments from their referees, their personal drive and attitude, their performance during the interview, their career potential, and potential to bring in diversity to the program, etc.


In 2021-22 academic year, 4 students were awarded the MPM Admission Scholarship. Congratulations to all of them!


IP Man Suen

I am excited to join the first cohort of the MPM part time program where I can learn from world class Faculty and take part in fruitful discussion and group projects with classmates from diverse background. Apart from the strong network and bonding among the classmates and teachers, what I enjoyed most about the program was its inter-disciplinary approach with elements in policy, economics, sustainability, innovation and more, this program has certainly enabled me to acquire new knowledge and develop managerial capabilities, analytical and problem-solving skills in times of disruptive changes.



WANG Qinghua

My sincere gratitude goes towards  MPM program for my being acknowledged and awarded the admission scholarship. It’s a great honor and encouragement for me. The new-born program is a wonderful platform for me to explore the world from a more professional perspective. Lucky that I am admitted into it and absorb fresh knowledge from our prominent professors.



Being admitted to MPM is my serendipity in 2021. Along with the interdisciplinary contexts at HKUST, the relentless pandemic and unsettled public affairs in our turbulent era make this program much more rewarding and meaningful. And this scholarship will undoubtedly encourage me to explore further in the following academic journey.



I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards the department and all faculty for awarding this scholarship. MPM program has impressed me incomparably with its dedicated curriculum design, top-notch professors, as well as topical-related analysis tools. This scholarship will definitely inspire me through the rest of my academic year and towards a more fruitful outcoming of this program.