Jingjing GU


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Jingjing GU (MPP Class of 2021)
Jingjing GU
(MPP Class of 2021)
Bachelor of Engineering in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering (2019)
Sun Yat-Sen University
Internship experiences: Gaorong Capital, JLL, EY Parthenon, KPMG, CICC
The MPP courses offer the necessary knowledge in the economy and society for students of various backgrounds. Writing policy briefs, case-based essays, and analysiings reports help us practice data collection and case analysis skills, which are useful in doing a consultancy internship. The critical thinking framework and client-oriented communication skills we learned in the policy analysis course are also significant as cognitive tools for us to solve problems in the private sector. Moreover, the PAE program links us with real clients through consultancy, NGOs, think tanks and big firms, granting us a good story to tell in the behavioral interviews.