Desh Deepak DWIVEDI


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Desh Deepak DWIVEDI (MPP Class of 2021)
Desh Deepak DWIVEDI
(MPP Class of 2021)
B.A Honours in Public Policy and Management (2017)
University of Delhi, India
Pursing the degree is not merely for theoretical knowledge, but also the networking opportunities that help us build connections for our future career. Having a great community of fellow students and teachers makes a critical difference. The MPP program at HKUST not only teaches us to be good policy analysts, but also broadens our perspectives to see issues which would otherwise go unnoticed.

HKUST itself is situated at a very strategic location at the heart of the Greater Bay Area, and that alone gives students here a headstart into the dawning future of science and technology along with novel policy issues which form the exemplary premise for the world to follow. AFLS connects me to all of Asia and strives to nurture each of its scholars to be at the forefront by delivering routine leadership meetups, dinners, speeches, and conferences. Other like-minded and competent scholars always keep me on the edge to approach the next step in most innovative ways.

In short, the sheer extent of integration of Policy expertise from MPP, location privileges and community of HKUST and leadership and financial support from AFLS, make me proud and grateful to be a part of this wonderful network every day.