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Social and Urban Policy


Urban and Social

Well-grounded urban and social policies related to housing, transportation, employment, health care, and income distribution, etc., are essential for the long-run development of society and the living standard of residents. Contemporary urban and social policy research requires cutting edge statistical methodologies as well as science and technology understanding.


Faculty members of subclusters (in alphabetic order of last names)


Big Data and Urban Planning: Pengyu ZHU

Sustainable Transportation: Anthony Bing-leung CHEUNG, Pengyu ZHU

Housing and Land Use Policy: Anthony Bing-leung CHEUNG, Donald How Tian LOW, Pengyu ZHU

Population, Aging, and Family Policy: Stuart GIETEL BASTEN, Anthony Bing-leung CHEUNG, Donald How Tian LOW

Poverty and inequality: Anthony Bing-leung CHEUNG, Donald How Tian LOW, Pauline NG, James WONG

Urban Planning: Yatang LIN, Gerald R. PATCHELL, Masaru YARIME, Pengyu ZHU

Health Policy: King Lau CHOW, Hyuncheol Bryant KIM, Renu SINGH, Xun WU


Selected Social and Urban Research Projects

Selected Research Project Funding Agency Faculty
Research on Affordable Housing and Urbanizing Villages in Beijing (2019-2020) Chinese Academy of Sciences, Key Laboratory of Regional Sustainable Development Prof. Pengyu ZHU
Research on Residential Segregation of Chinese Immigrants in the U.S. (2018-2020) University of Hong Kong Prof. Pengyu ZHU
Affordable Housing Policy in China and its impact on the Job-Housing Mismatch of Low-income People (2016-2019) National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Prof. Pengyu ZHU
A Comparative Study of the Science and Technology Funding Systems and Project Management in Hong Kong and Mainland (2019) Department of Resource Allocation and Management, Ministry of Science and Technology, China Prof. Xun WU
Strategies for Enhancing Walkability in Hong Kong via Smart Policies Strategic Public Policy Research Fund (SPPR), The Policy Innovation and Coordination Office (PICO) Prof. Xun WU
Study on Improvement of Primary Health Care Service Capacity National Science Foundation of China Prof. Xun WU


Ongoing Projects

Selected Research Project Funding Agency Faculty
Strategic Planning for Transforming Hong Kong into a Leading Global Aviation and Innovation Hub (2021) Airport Authority Hong Kong, Hong Kong Aviation Industry Association, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation Prof. Pengyu ZHU 
The Persistence of Behavioral Changes in Post-Pandemic Hong Kong: Implications for Transportation, Housing and Economic Development Policies The Policy Innovation and Coordination Office (PICO) Prof. Kira MATUS and Prof. Pengyu Zhu
Preparing and Deploying Ethnic Minority Lay Leaders to Promote Mental Well-Being Among Hong Kong’s Major Ethnic Minority Communities The the HKSAR administered Mental Health Initiatives Funding Prof. Naubahar Sharif