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Master of Public Management (MPM)

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Requirement Of Credit Hours

The degree requires the completion of 27 credit hours (most courses are three credit hours), comprised of 18 credits of core courses and 9 credits of electives. Students admitted to the MPM will be required to complete the program on a full-time or part-time basis. Details as follows,

Core Courses: 18 credits

Elective Courses: 9 credits (Students will have the flexibility to choose from a wide range of courses based on their needs.)

Credit Transfer: Subject to the approval of the Program Director, students may apply for course substitution or credit transfer of no more than 12 credits.

Core Courses (18 Credits)

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Elective Courses (9 Credits)

MPM students will choose three electives from a wide range of courses. In addition to electives offered by the Division of Public Policy, students may also take courses offered by other departments/divisions such as HKUST Business School, School of Engineering, School of Humanities and Social Science, and the Division of Environment and Sustainability. Details as follows:

  • Elective courses offered by PPOL:
    Students can take any PPOL postgraduate courses to meet the elective course requirement.

Course code Course title No. of credit
PPOL 5180 Risk and Regulation 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5190 Policy Analysis and Design for Sustainable Development 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5200 Aging, Demography, and Policy 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5210 Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5220 Complex Systems for Policy 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5230 Technology, Innovation and Public Policy 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5240 Advanced Analytical Methods for Public Policy 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5250 Innovation and Sustainability 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5270 Finance, Financial Cries and Economics Development 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5320 Urban Economics and Urban Policy 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5330 Ethics and Public Policy 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 5351 Environmental Economics 3 Credit(s)
PPOL 6100 Special Topics in Public Policy 1-3 Credit(s)


  • Electives offered by other departments/divisions

Course code Course title No. of credit
CIEM 5150* Dispute Resolution for Engineers 3 Credit(s)
CIEM 5160* Construction Financial Management 3 Credit(s)
CIEM 5810* Engineering Risk, Reliability and Decision 3 Credit(s)
EEMT 5100*# Principles and Techniques for Technical Management 2 Credit(s)
EEMT 5160*# Transportation and Logistics Management 3 Credit(s)
EEMT 5300*# Global Supply Chain Management 3 Credit(s)
EEMT 5360*# IT System for Global Enterprise 3 Credit(s)
EEMT 5510*# Engineering Economics and Cost Management 3 Credit(s)
EEMT 5530*# Financial Engineering and Risk Management 3 Credit(s)
ENVR 5250 Environmental Economics and Management 3 Credit(s)
ENVR 5260 Environmental Policy and Management 3 Credit(s)
ENVR 6060 Sustainability Economics 3 Credit(s)
EVSM 5230 Environmental Health and Management 3 Credit(s)
EVSM 5300 Corporate Environmental Strategy 3 Credit(s)
ISOM 5370 Technology and Innovation Management 2 Credit(s)
SOSC 5620 Sustainable Development 3 Credit(s)

(*) For the highly technical course(s), students will be approved to take the course(s) with advices sought from the Program Director.
(#) Admission to EEMT course(s) will be subject to approval by EEMT course instructor(s) and the MSc (EEM) Program Director on a case-by-case basis.

- Full-time students should take a minimum of 12 credits and up to a maximum of 15 credits of coursework per regular term.
- Part-time students may take a maximum of 9 credits in each term.



For further details on elective courses, please refer to our Postgraduate Program & Course Catalog:


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2022-23 cohort:


Credit Transfer

Subject to the approval of the Program Director, students may apply for course substitution or credit transfer of no more than 12 credits.