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HKUST PPOL Newsletter

Issue No. 3 Spring 2023


Our previous newsletter was issued in September 2022, and this newsletter covers the intervening period. Two notably momentous events have marked this half-year period. The first is the rapid relaxation of COVID-related restrictions in Hong Kong. Few words can express the sea change in mood that this has brought about. As a result, the palpable enthusiasm and vigor that had been missing for three years have returned to our lives. The second event was the release of ChatGPT.


Although there is no mention of ChatGPT in this newsletter, it is incumbent upon me to address it given its potential to upend so many jobs, tasks, and industries, particularly in education. As educators, my divisional colleagues and I have engaged in many discussions about ChatGPT and our response is evolving as our understanding evolves. Suffice it to say that, in combination, these events have added a flavor and spice that has been sorely lacking for quite some time!


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HKUST PPOL Newsletter Issue No. 2 Fall 2022


Welcome to our 2nd newsletter, a tradition we began earlier this calendar year! We hope you find the contents informative, as you obtain a better idea of the research and other activities conducted in our zestful Division.


Since our inaugural newsletter was published, Hong Kong has been through many a COVID-related up and down. Fortunately, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel and a return to some semblance of normalcy. During the Fall of 2022, this was marked by the hustle and bustle of students returning to campus for full in-person instruction. Whereas every semester is accompanied by verve and energy, this particular semester promises to be the start a new chapter and seems to be marked by even more eager anticipation.


As far as PPOL is concerned—and as you can see from this newsletter—our faculty have continued on their trajectory of excelling in their various professional domains. We look forward not only to more in-person professional and social activities, but also hosting at least two major conferences over the coming academic year which we hope to report on in future newsletters.





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HKUST PPOL Newsletter Issue No. 1 Spring 2022


This inaugural newsletter introduces our faculty members and their recent achievements. It also elaborates the key messages of notable conferences and seminars organized by PPOL, the latest development of our degree programs, and news about our students. In the future, the newsletter series will be published biannually when semesters begin.