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Academic Publications - Spring 2022

Innovation and Technology Policy

Ahl, A., Goto, M., Yarime, Masaru, Tanaka, K., & Sagawa, D. (2022). Challenges and opportunities of blockchain energy applications: Interrelatedness among technological, economic, social, environmental, and institutional dimensions. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews166, 112623.

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Environmental and Sustainable Policy

He, J., Li, Z., Zhang, X., Wang, H., Dong, W., Du, E., Chang, S., Ou, X., Guo, S., Tian, Z., Gu, A., Teng, F., Hu, B., Yang, X., Chen, S., Yao, M., Yuan, Z., Zhou, L., Zhao, Xiaofan, Li, Y., & Zhang, D. (2022). Towards carbon neutrality: A study on China's long-term low-carbon transition pathways and strategies. Environmental Science and Ecotechnology, 9, 100134.

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Urban Studies

Zhang, S., Yi, B., Guo, F., & Zhu, Pengyu (2022). Exploring selected pathways to low and zero CO2 emissions in China's iron and steel industry and their impacts on resources and energy. Journal of Cleaner Production, 340, 130813.

Zhou, L., Li, S., Li, C., Shen, G., Yang, H., Zhu, Pengyu, Han, H., & Li, B. (2022). Spatial congruency or mismatch? Analyzing the COVID-19 potential infection risk and urban density as businesses reopen. Cities, 123, 103615.

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Health Policy

Li, Veronica Qin Ting, Ma, L., & Wu, Xun (2022). COVID-19, policy change, and post-pandemic data governance: a case analysis of contact tracing applications in East Asia. Policy and Society41(1), 01-14.

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News Articles

Hartley, K. & Low, Donald (2022, March 30). Hong Kong must rebuild public trust to strengthen its crisis response, as Covid-19 mass-testing debacle shows. South China Morning Post.

Low, Donald(2022, February 18). The 3 most likely scenarios of how the pandemic in Hong Kong ends. South China Morning Post.

Low, Donald (2022, March 15). Hong Kong’s zero-Covid policy risks becoming a trap if no lessons are learned from this tragedy. South China Morning Post.

Sharif, Naubahar (15 Mar 2022). Bold anti-pandemic action needed to end residents’ constant mental anguish. China Daily.

Sharif, Naubahar (7 Apr 2021). Hong Kong faces hard questions over pain of pandemic restrictions. South China Morning Post.

Sharif, Naubahar (25 Jul 2022). Hong Kong SAR needs a long-term perspective that brings youth into its fold. China Daily.

Sharif, Naubahar (17 Aug 2022). Academic success depends on more than high entrance exam scores. China Daily.



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