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Elizaveta DORRER
Elizaveta DORRER
PhD in Public Policy Program
I would like to share two aspects that I appreciate the most as a new member of the HKUST family: the people and the ecosystem.

A diverse, in terms of backgrounds and geographies, collective of professors, staff, and peers serve not only as a support and guidance network, but also as fruitful ground for research explorations. Such diversity establishes the discussions that stand on multitudinous views and expertise, which are essential for academic life in general and public policy studies in particular.

The university and campus is a remarkably well functioning ecosystem that spans across all vital aspects of life and studies. One experiences no lack of access to academic resources — library capacities, class materials, extra-curricular programs are wide-ranging and enriching. Speaking of non-academic life, the campus accommodates plenty of options for recharging during and after the working day, such as doing sports and enjoying incredible views. This is essential for a healthy work-life balance and especially so for a PhD life that relies on long-term planning and endurance. Remarkably, the university ecosystem operates almost seamlessly between physical and digital domains, which played a crucial role in adapting to the new epidemiologic realms.

I am looking forward to keeping evolving with and within the HKUST ecosystem.

MPhil/PHD in Public Policy