Miss Veronica Qin Ting LI


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Veronica Qin Ting LI (MPhil in Public Policy Class of 2021)
Miss Veronica Qin Ting LI
(MPhil in Public Policy Class of 2021)
As a Physics graduate, I was worried about transitioning to a new field of research. The faculty, students and administrative staff at the Division of Public Policy were incredibly welcoming and accommodating, and they made me feel at home in the Division. As I got to know everyone, I found opportunities to work with faculty and students alike to produce meaningful work on a wide range of contemporary policy issues, from sustainability and resource management to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The core courses equipped me with the necessary foundational knowledge to begin my own policy research, and the electives broadened my knowledge on important policy topics I was interested in, such as technological innovation and the circular economy. Finally, I was very lucky to have a supervisor who believed in me and granted me adequate flexibility and control over my thesis research.

Overall, the two years I spent in the Division as an MPhil student were invaluable in my academic journey and for my own self-growth. I would highly recommend this program to individuals from any background who wish to make a positive impact on the policy issues that deeply matter to them.

MPhil/PHD in Public Policy