Dr Zilin LI


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Dr Zilin LI
Dr Zilin LI
(PhD in Public Policy Class of 2022)
The four-year study in the PPOL Division equipped me with the knowledge and skills to become a qualified and independent researcher. From the fundamental policy theory and research methodology to professional development skills, this training set a solid theoretical ground for my academic career, advanced my research capability, and improved my professional skills. Because the Division covers diverse research areas, including social, economic, and environmental policy issues, I also found abundant opportunities to collaborate with a group of intelligent, passionate, and generous professors and peers on various interdisciplinary projects on aging policies, application of AI technology on older people’s mental health, behavioral biases of government’s decisions, etc. Meanwhile, I was lucky to work with a supportive and considerate supervisor who always believed in me, gave me as much support as possible, and granted me flexibility in developing my research agenda.

I am absolutely proud of being a Ph.D. graduate of the PPOL Division. I would highly recommend this program to individuals who want to pursue a policy-related career. The program will provide rigorous academic training, incredible research opportunities, and a strong support network for your research adventure.

MPhil/PHD in Public Policy