Dr Viktória DÖME


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Dr Viktória DÖME
Dr Viktória DÖME
(PhD in Public Policy Class of 2022)
The four-year intensive PhD training that I have received at the Division of PPOL has not only contributed to my intellectual development, research and theoretical skills, but it has also opened doors in terms of exciting job opportunities and new connections. I have received positive feedback from a governing institution, and I am currently preparing for my new role as a research associate at the University of Cambridge to continue with my career aspirations.

During my PhD, I have undergone extensive training on research methodology, econometrics, and theory related to public policy – often in an applied form which made learning interesting. I have been taught by top read policy scholars and have had the chance to attend seminars and talks of prominent policy makers. My supervisor has provided me with invaluable support and guidance over these years. I am beyond thankful that she has introduced me to the world of innovation policy as a new perspective to my previous interest in the clean energy transition. Meanwhile, the Division is diverse and interdisciplinary, so it has always been exciting talking to colleagues about their research during meetings and lunches.

I am proud to be an HKUST alumna and I am looking forward to using all my skills and experience in my new roles in the future.

MPhil/PHD in Public Policy