Graduate Sharing

Dr Athar MANSOOR (PhD in Public Policy Class of 2022)
(PhD in Public Policy Class of 2022)
The four years I spent at PPOL was one of the most exciting periods of my life. As a PhD student, I had joined PPOL with a lot of passion and commitment and expected the Division to provide high-quality support to me in achieving my academic and research objectives. I am delighted to share that PPOL and HKUST exceeded my expectation in every aspect by a huge margin.

The world-class faculty and the administrative staff at PPOL are outstanding and facilitated me in transforming myself from a public policy practitioner to a scholar. I was closely mentored and guided in all important areas required from a critical and analytical researcher. The generous funding support provided for attending conferences and seminars in various parts of the world infused into me the confidence to present my work at competitive forums and groomed me as an effective communicator of research work.

My diverse peers at PPOL were also brilliant and we had long and memorable discussions on multiple policy challenges faced by the planet. In a highly friendly and cooperative atmosphere, we worked together on various topics for eventually produce cutting edge research for impacting the world and improving the lives of the people.

I take the utmost pride in being a member of the first cohort admitted by PPOL as a research postgraduate student and encourage you to explore further the offerings and programs by PPOL. The place is absolutely amazing and will surely provide you with ample and exciting opportunities for honing your research capabilities.

MPhil/PHD in Public Policy