Open for PhD Positions for the 2024/25 Admission Intake for The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)


The Division of Public Policy at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology now invites applications to PhD positions for the doctoral degree Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy that is fully funded by The Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS) for 2024-25 admissions.


Aside from the general admission requirements set by the University, we particularly welcome applicants keen to pursue high-quality research in the following research areas:


Focus on the research areas:


• Science, technology and innovation policy;

• Environment and sustainability policy; and

• Social and urban policy


The fellowship package includes:


Stipend: HK$331,200 (~US$42,290) per year, for 4 years

Recruitment Award: HK$40,000 (~US$5,100) in the first year of study

Conference Travel Allowance: HK$13,800 (~US$1,760) per year, for 4 years; and

University Accommodation: Guaranteed in the first 2 years of research postgraduate studies


Application Procedures and Timeline

The University is now inviting applications for 2024-25 admissions. Please make sure that you complete both RGC and HKUST applications.


1. By 1 Dec 2023 (12noon, GMT+8) - RGC application deadline

• Obtain an HKPFS reference number from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.


2. By 1 Dec 2023 (11:59pm, GMT+8) - HKUST application deadline

• Submit the HKPFS application online directly to HKUST.

• Applicants who have chosen two HKUST programs in the initial application are reminded to submit a separate full application for EACH chosen program to HKUST.

• Please be reminded to quote the HKPFS reference number obtained from RGC.


About PhD in Public Policy Program

Please visit the program catalogue for admission requirements and more details.


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