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Case Development Program

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Program Overview

The Case Development Program is a pioneering initiative established in Fall 2017 to promote the case pedagogy in public policy education.

The Program develops teaching cases which address pressing public policy issues in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The policy areas revolve mainly around four research clusters – science, technology and innovation policy; environmental policy and sustainability; social changes and policy; and China’s development policy.

The Program also experiments case teaching and learning in the classes of public policy and social science at HKUST. In Spring 2019, the Program hosted the inaugural HKUST Inter-University Public Policy Case Competition, which attracted the participation of some 150 students from 7 higher education institutions in Hong Kong.

Towards the future, the Program will continue to advance the case pedagogy by expanding the usage of cases in public policy education and developing further cases to address the ever-changing environment for policy making.  


Click HERE to PPOL Case Library.